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UK Location & Contact Details:

Phone: 020-7183-1411
Address: McCormack House,
56A East Street,

US Location & Contact Details:

Phone: +1-949-664-1347
Address: LiveLink Technology Inc.
7545 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA

Standard Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am-5.30pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays: Closed

These are standard opening hours, and will be affected by bank holidays or occasional changes.

If you have a technical issue to report, please submit a ticket to our support team either via our Support Portal or via email at whereby your ticket will be triaged, processed and resolved accordingly.

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Service Framework

Support Plans Available

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Software Licence        
Software Updates        
Fast Track Replacement        
Hardware Warranty        
Beta Release Eligibility        
Peripherals Warranty        
Hot Swap Kiosk Replacement        
Media Reader Warranty        
Master Class Training        
Rapid Support Ticket support via JIRA
£15 per 15 min block Phone support included
Hard Drive Swaps £65 £33 1 x Per Year
Site Visits Standard Call Out & Hourly Rates 1 x Per Year*
*1X free routine site visit per lab per year with up to two hours on site for preventative maintenance and training (plus extra hour for each system in Platinum contract). Booked 4 weeks in advance. NOT a substitute for urgent engineer visits which remain at normal call-out and hourly rates.

Continuous Renewal Bonus

If you renew your kiosk contract seamlessly without a break, you will receive £150 reduction per kiosk on the standard contract prices. The continuous renewal prices are listed below:

Price Per Instore Kiosk With Continuous Renewal
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1 Instore Kiosk £195 £295 £445 £645
2 Instore Kiosks £175 £270 £405 £545
3 Instore Kiosks £150 £240 £360 £495
4 Instore Kiosks £130 £210 £315 £445
5+ Instore Kiosks £110 £180 £270 £395
Price Per Kiosk Without Continuous Renewal
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1 Instore Kiosk £345 £445 £595 £795
2 Instore Kiosks £325 £420 £555 £695
3 Instore Kiosks £300 £390 £510 £645
4 Instore Kiosks £280 £360 £465 £595
5+ Instore Kiosks £260 £330 £420 £545
Please note: multiple Kiosk discounts are on a single site basis. All prices quoted exclude VAT. Discounts will be applied after the first year of service from LiveLink. Discounts will only be applied if you show a continual payment history. Please contact us for further details should you require them.

The Benefits in Detail

  Software Updates

Benefit from new features, better performance and new products & designs - regularly released for free to all kiosks in contract (assuming hardware compatibility).

Fast Track Replacement

Should you need to replace any part of your system, we will normally post the item to you the same working day if the request is received before 3pm.

Hardware Warranty

This covers the kiosk's RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Hard Disk and Power Supply against mechanical failure.

Beta Software Eligibility

Take advantage of pre-release software and take part in developing the future of the kiosk. Option available to Gold and Platinum Contact customers only.

Peripherals Warranty

This covers the touchscreen monitor, receipt printer, keyboard and mouse against mechanical failure.

Hot Swap Replacements

Should we need to repair your kiosk, or a major portion of it, rather than waiting to receive your return, we will dispatch replacement parts immediately.

Media Reader Warranty

CD/DVD/Blu-ray Writers & Card Readers are considered consumables and as such are not covered by warranty. Discounts are available on replacements for kiosks in contract, however, please note that up to one card reader board or CD/DVD/Blu-ray replacement is covered as part of the site visit for Platinum Contract customers.

Master Class Training

Optional four hours of master class training at LiveLink HQ per year (per lab, not per machine).

Hard Drive Swaps

Should your hard drive have a fault, then a swap out drive can be sent to you. You only need to pay for the return postage of the old hard drive.

Software Licence

Every Support contract includes a Software Licence for legal use of the LiveLink software.

Rapid Support

Gold & Platinum clients receive access to our online ticket environment for a rapid response. Alternatively, you can call us direct in the UK.

Site Visit

Option for a LiveLink engineer to visit your Lab. Free for Platinum Contract holders (see note in Support Plan table above). Standard rates apply to all other contracts.

Extra Services Available

The LiveLink Team can often provide a bespoke service for your photo lab by prior agreement and with a suitable lead-in timeframe.
This could include:

  • Template design and creation
  • Website design and alterations beyond any initial set-up
  • Graphic design Services from logos to adverts
  • Engineer site visit
  • Technical training beyond any initial free hours allocated
  • Software development

A standard rate of £60/ph applies for most extra services outside our Support Plans in the Service Framework. For Software Development, the costs may be higher than this but will be agreed with you in advance. Travel costs are charged at 50p/mile and delivery at cost.
LiveLink might also be able to provide replacement/additional parts should you wish to purchase them separately. Please contact Technical Support to find out more.

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