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At both a global and local level, LiveLink has a long established history of supporting causes and approaches that help individuals, the community and the environment. This involves taking many of the same skills used to support our customers and applying them towards communities that need them the most.

We encourage all our employees to get involved in activities to help the world around them. As well as making a positive impact, they develop enhanced personal and professional skills. For example, LiveLink has successfully supported several Apprentices through to completion of training, which has boosted their individual employability, overall skill set and potential contribution to the economy. Similarly, LiveLink has participated in a back-to-work employability scheme for the long-term unemployed which was organised via one of our contacts in a local church.

On a different note, several of our employees are also supported to complete their own charitable challenges, such as runs and sky dives. Meanwhile, LiveLink participates in Cycle to Work schemes and events, encouraging both personal fitness and helping to protect the environment.

On a global level, LiveLink was thrilled to be able to provide significant support for an employee whilst training and now serving overseas with Mission Aviation Fellowship. LiveLink also has an eye on national charitable programmes and, as such, has supported events such as the infamous ‘Movember’ through to ITV’s ‘Text Santa’ campaign. More locally, LiveLink has supported and worked with nearby groups as diverse as an environmental group helping to improve the Billy Line through to a local preschool.

LiveLink has firm plans to continue to partner with various charitable organisations and to contribute positively towards the local community for the good of all, for now and the future.