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Our Core Values

When organisations work well it's often due to emotional maturity and integrity, which together enable self-discipline, right thinking and positive actions. Compassion helps LiveLink to sustain people, and to foster a culture of cooperation and mutual support. Compassion is the bedrock of tolerance and understanding, which governs the effectiveness of internal and external communications and team-working towards a common goal.

  • Respect for our clients: We aim to listen to our clients and to strive for excellence in all that we do, so that we meet their needs and exceed their expectations
  • Respect for our colleagues: We aim to develop an effective and highly motivated team by creating a safe, constructive workplace in which we value intelligence, diligence, diversity and teamwork
  • Respect for our company: We aim to utilise company resources efficiently and to be accountable for the way our actions reflect on LiveLink’s reputation
  • Respect for our community: We aim to support the wider community through being responsible citizens who care for our environment and contribute positively to society

LiveLink’s Mission Statement is:

LiveLink's vision is to be a market leader in the photo imaging industry, providing unique Instore and Online services. We deliver simple, smart and flexible solutions that appeal to all and are the best value for retailers. Customer satisfaction is achieved by cultivating excellence in LiveLink's team.

Would you like to become a member of the team?

More photos have been taken this decade than in the rest of history! Rapid advances in mobile technology mean that over a trillion pictures are captured each year. We help the photo industry stay ahead of the game.

LiveLink is looking for talented people to work with us to build solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands, and millions of their customers. Over the last 12 years, we’ve grown a diverse client base that ranges from individual store owners, through high street chains to massive global corporations. Although we’re based in the UK, our core clients are also located in Ireland and North America..

Why you should join us

  • We love developing technology, utilizing Open Source projects as the foundation for our systems
  • We have an open, honest and transparent culture
  • We empower people to make decisions with impact
  • We are open to change in our processes,techniques and skills
  • We have a smart, motivated and supportive team
  • We value learning, agility and feedback

Our team finds creative and innovative ways to solve complex hardware and software problems for our clients. We keep development cycles fast, adapting as we go along, and investing in a culture of discovery and continual feedback.

LiveLink is looking for individuals committed to learning more of their trade, and supporting each other’s growth in the process. We still have a startup-like culture of openness to ideas and opportunities for talent to be put to good use... plus a market-tested and profitable product line. So we like to think we have the best of both worlds.

You will join around 80 of us, based in comfortable, freshly renovated offices located in a conservation area in Hampshire. Trains to Chichester, Southampton, Brighton and London are a 5 minute walk away, and we are also a 15 minute walk to the sea. We’ve got all the usual suspects; breakout areas, a games room and free on-site employee parking. And plenty of the more unusual suspects; a sizeable garden, fitness suite, company yacht, a plethora of musical instruments, modern kitchens, a host of the latest gadgets, opportunities for sporting enthusiasts, copious nerf guns and much more. Plus a 1Gbps fibre connection... we take our technology very seriously!

To make a long story short, we’ve grown a place where we love working, and we think you will too.

We may need you in the future. Register your interest for...

What you'll be doing

  • Working with highly skilled development and related teams to develop new and existing products for the photo industry using Rails, Ruby and other cutting edge web technologies.
  • Providing technical guidance to support client conversations - including the world’s largest retailer - Walmart!
  • Supporting our drive for product & technological excellence - delivering great code and helping us refine best of breed agile delivery processes.

You should apply if you are...

  • Fluent in Ruby and its associated frameworks, ideally with commercial Rails experience
  • Passionate about cutting edge web technologies and love to learn (these are fundamental values of LiveLink!)
  • Experienced at building quality, robust products for technologies across the stack
  • Adept at creating reliable, well-tested systems, with excellent UI design
  • Passionate about code quality and supporting processes

It’s a bonus if you have...

  • Experience of working within an Agile environment

The perks

  • A salary that matches your skills and experience
  • 33 days paid holiday (including Bank Holidays) rising by a day each year to 36 days after 3 years service
  • A bonus scheme to reward your contribution to the success of LiveLink
  • 4% contributions towards the NEST pension scheme
  • Membership of a Health and Wellbeing support scheme (& Medical Insurance for senior employees)
  • Childcare Vouchers and membership of a Ride2Work scheme (discounted bicycles)
  • A healthy social calendar
  • Learning and development opportunities, both internally and externally

Next step

Applications should consist of a one page covering letter explaining how you fulfil the role above and describing an interesting technical project or problem that you've worked on recently. Email this with your full CV and a link to a GitHub account in the form of attachments ONLY. Please use the form or link below to apply.

Who We Are

LiveLink is a tangible, satisfying and profitable product - we supply the e-commerce platform for businesses of various sizes, from small business owners around the UK to the highest-revenue company in the world: Walmart US.

Our technology is not just another CRUD app - it's an interactive canvas-based product builder, it's a complex engine for rendering advanced templates and 3d previews, it's a regular load testing process to keep millions of dollars flowing through the app on the busiest days, it's a fleet of standalone kiosks spread across the UK's stores and much much more. At the moment we maintain dozens of powerful (speaking 80 core 0.5TBRAM) dedicated servers, store petabytes of data and are actively moving all of that to the cloud to let us scale indefinitely (and have some fun in the process).

Great place to live, work and grow - Havant is a relatively small (~45k citizens), but very well connected town. We are based in a big, modern, stand alone building with a private car park and a huge garden (hammocks and BBQ included), just next to the lovely foot/cycling path leading to the harbour (15 minutes walk) and the open sea (30 minutes cycling). There are two big, fully equipped kitchens, where you can enjoy free fruits/biscuits/soda and quality coffee while discussing tech news with your team mate or just relax watching the squirrels playing in the garden. When it comes to entertainment LiveLink didn't stop on table football: our games room offers pool table, air hockey, the VR station (Valve Index for the inquisitive ones), RetroPI console and the pinball table hacked together during one of LiveLink's regular Hackathons. The company encourages to allocate at least a few hours every week on training and has a special Slack channel for financial requests to meet all your needs and keep you efficient and motivated. While at the moment LiveLink doesn't offer fully remote roles, there is no problem with working from home now and then, and the working hours are very flexible. Oh, one more thing - if you’re as lucky as I was, you may also have a chance to pilot the small plane with David, one of the company owners and a big fan of aviation!

Real impact - all employees are not only free to provide feedback, but also actively asked for it. It is impossible to implement every single idea, but our voice is always heard by the open-minded management. All of our small development teams (5 teams of 3-8 people) have a lot of freedom in designing their software, as well as choosing their tools, projects and processes. We are empowered to lead our work into production, with great support from all Tech Teams. Last but not least, there is an appraisal process performed roughly twice a year, which not only gives everyone a chance to provide/receive feedback, but also to get a bonus payment for your contributions.

Our Tech

The main technologies currently used in LiveLink are:

  • Backend: Ruby, Rails, RSpec, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, GDK
  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, Flux
  • Provisioning, hosting & deployment: Ubuntu, Docker, GKE, Capistrano, Chef, Terraform
  • Others: GSuite, GitHub, CircleCI, NewRelic, Slack & Jira

What We Are Looking For...

  • To be reliable, thorough and pay attention to the details, as it is a matter of personality, not training.
  • To be motivated, engaged and ambitious, because inspired people inspire others.
  • To be sharp, because if you make sure to learn something new on every opportunity, you will quickly find your way to the top.
  • To be communicative, as imprecise arrangements lead to unnecessary yet very expensive mistakes.

Are you the right person?

  • To be experienced in software design, because it's the single most important thing to keep software maintainable.
  • To write clean and readable code, as that makes development easier and more enjoyable to everyone.
  • To embrace automated testing and understand its importance, because stable software gives us all better sleep at night.
  • To be proactive, as lack of progress means being left behind.
  • To have a good sense of anticipation and make conscious decisions, because accepting the risk is very different from not being aware of it.
  • To have a significant experience with various technologies and paradigms, as we need to know our toolkit in order to choose the tool for the job.
  • To be deeply engaged in helping others grow, because at some point even you won't save the world by yourself.
  • To improve the entire business and question the status quo, as your contribution may be the difference between signing the client or not.
  • To have a great intuition, because at some point the best way to be more effective is to develop an excellent gut feeling.
  • To be able to work well without any supervision, as now you are the one supervising.

What are the benefits?

  • 33 days of holidays (including bank holidays), increasing by one after eachcomplete year of service up to 36.
  • Social events, eg yacht trips, bowling, summer and Christmas parties, laser clay,escape rooms and many more
  • Opportunities to attend the conferences around Europe
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Comfortable offices, which can be arranged and decorated as the team see fit
  • Various initiatives within the working hours: Dev Club, Yoga, LiveLink Ramblers, BBQ lunches, etc.

Next step

Applications should consist of a one page covering letter explaining how you fulfil the role above and describing an interesting technical project or problem that you've worked on recently. Email this with your full CV and a link to a GitHub account in the form of attachments ONLY. Please use the form or link below to apply.

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