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Photo Kiosk: Introducing the 615

The 615-OS combines the instore and on-line kiosks management and administration controls into one place, making cross-channel synchronisation much simpler. Joint control also means users get one of the best on-line photo ordering websites available at the same time. The new operating system will be available on new 615 Hybrid instore kiosks and as an OS upgrade on qualifying existing hardware.

In order to take advantage of the new kiosk operating system, you will require LiveLink's R3 ecommerce website platform. Once set up with products and prices, the website will configure 615-OS kiosks automatically, avoiding duplication and inconsistency. R3 website provision comes free with our basic Site Skin design package to 615 Hybrid kiosk and 615-OS upgrade operators. Clients with existing non-LiveLink websites can choose to use the admin control solely for kiosk management if they prefer. Clients wishing to continue to use LiveLink's web services alone can continue to do so, safe in the knowledge instore kiosk capability can be added instantly, at any time.

Our standard list price for the 615-OS is £2495 + VAT.

For more information on LiveLink's 615-OS kiosks and website, contact or 020-7183-1411.

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choice of minilab
photo gifts

Easy to place instore

Our kiosks are specifically designed to sit on top of counter space or desks in a neat and tidy fashion, saving crucial retail space. See the Specifications below for the exact dimensions and weight.

Simple, Smart, Profitable

The 615 Hybrid instore kiosk features our new Full HD touchscreen, more customisable look & feel, the ability to add multiple print sizes within one order and more than 150 print and photo gift products available to sell. All that and the highest spec hardware in the industry.

Your Choice of Mini-lab

Independent by design, the 615 Hybrid instore kiosk can be set to send output to your chosen mini-lab, be it Fuji, Kodak, Noritsu or Photo-Me. Should you feel like changing your mini-lab supplier, you are not restricted in the way that you would be with most other kiosks: a quick change of the settings in the control panel and you're ready to go.

No Mini Lab? No worries!

Want all the advantages of selling prints but without the outgoing costs of a full mini lab? The 615 will link up to our 6x4 instant printers (and other leading brands). We use the latest in instant printing technologies which will print a customer's images in seconds.

Choose from many products

There's much more than prints included with the Instore Kiosk. Whether it's collages, calendars, greeting cards, passports or photobooks you plan to sell, we've got it covered. We've also been working with the largest suppliers in the photo gift industry to bring you a huge range of templates, designed to accurately match the supplier's products. The range of available products just keeps on growing!

Remote Fulfilment

For those looking to take their first steps into photo gifts, or those who simply don’t have enough room for the extra equipment, we've created a service that enables you to get someone else to do the leg work for you. Remote fulfilment lets you easily and automatically send your orders off to another lab who can then send you back the finished product.

Built for HD

The 24" full HD widescreen monitors that come with the 615 Hybrid instore kiosks are designed to really catch the eye. Not only does their fantastic resolution make it far easier for customers to see your products in greater detail whilst they are ordering, but with the ability to set custom screensavers, you can use these screens to pull people in. As if that wasn't enough, we are happy to report that they are the most robust and reliable screens we've ever shipped.

Built for Stability & Security

To our knowledge, we're the only kiosk provider in the UK whose systems are built on the stability and security of Linux. Whilst everyone else has to deal with the bugs, viruses and malware that are common with Windows, our systems just work.

Built to Last

As camera resolution goes up so does the typical photo's file size meaning you need more space to store images and more power to process them. That's why we made the 615 kiosk the highest spec kiosk around, with a 64-bit Quadcore processor ensuring that you've got plenty of power for today and tomorrow. Its modular design also means that it's easy to upgrade at a future date should you want to.

First 6 Months Support Included

All of our new systems come with the 6 Months Gold level support contract included, meaning you get free software updates and a warranty covering hardware & peripherals.

You also get access to our friendly, experienced UK-based support team (and an 0800 freephone support number) who, according to one of our customers are "second to none".

To find out more about our support contracts click here.

Specifications & Features

615 photo kiosk
specification of LiveLink Photo Kiosk
dimensions of the LiveLink Photo Kiosk
Component Breakdown
Monitor 24" Full HD Touchscreen
1920 x 1080
Processor 64-Bit i3 (Quad Core)
Fast SSD Hard Drive 256GB
Memory 8GB DDR3
Optical Drive 24x Samsung DVD Writer
DVD+R/-R and Dual Layer
Supported Card Types SDHC, SD, Mini SD, Micro SD, XD, Compact Flash, M2, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo & USB
Supported Instant Printer Citizen (On Request)
Receipt Printer Thermal printer - 80mm printed media
Network Gigabit Ethernet (where available)

Included as Standard

  1. 64-bit Quadcore i3Processor
  2. 8Gb DDR3 Ram
  3. Print & Poster Modules
  4. CD / DVD Burning
  5. Collages
  6. Photo Gifts
  7. Remote Fulfilment & Much More

With all this, who needs more...?


The prints module gives you the ability to offer a large range of standard and panoramic sizes, as well as finishes and border settings which can be enabled or disabled for each size as appropriate. You can also pre-process your images to ensure quicker loading onto your mini-lab and offer a range of fulfilment times, each with their own associated price.


The posters module also offers you a large range of both photographic and 'A' sizes, all the way up to A0. You can also select from a large range of finish options including Satin, Fine Art, Canvas, Gloss Photo, Matt Photo and Backlit Film.

CD / DVD Burning

Great for backups of large memory cards, the CD / DVD burning module makes it easy to ensure all your files, non-photo files included, are securely backed-up. You are able to select the size of the media you use and whether you want PDF thumbnails included on the disc.

Instant Prints

The 615 instore kiosk can offer instant prints with supreme quality with competitive prices. Using the latest Citizen Printers you will be able to offer dual sizes of 6"x4" and 6"x8" to your customers direct from the kiosk without the need to print from your lab.

Passports & ID

Designed to simplify the process for customers and staff members, the passports module gives the customer a number of supported passport and ID options as well as on screen advice to assist them in producing an output that complies with the regulations.

Photo Collages

With a large range of sizes and designs available, this is one of our most popular modules. Sizes cover both photographic and 'A' ratios, from 10"x8" to 36"x24", whilst our themes range from the classic black and white options to Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day and many other events.

Greeting Cards

Designed at folded A5 size, our greetings cards are a great way to get higher-margins from your prints. Designs include occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday and more.

Photo Gifts

Not only is our range of photo gifts huge but they've been specifically designed to work with the products made by the largest suppliers in the photo gift industry.

Remote Fulfilment

For those looking to take their first steps into photo gifts, or those who simply don’t have enough room for the extra equipment we've created a service that enables you to get someone else to do the leg work for you. With remote fulfilment you can easily and automatically send off your orders to another lab who can then send you back the finished product.

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